IDEA FRANC – Vin de France – nature biodynamic

Grape : cabernet franc bordelais
Vintage : 2017
Alcohol : 12°

In pure nature style, vines of 20, 30 and 40 years, this 2017 is right as an « I » and full of fruit. If the terroirs are girondins, our reflection is Loire type for this greedy red.

The Wine4Melomanes concept:

The selected mixed musical creation composed of pieces from 2017, highlights the beauty of the wine in matching with the three common invariable parameters defined in the two universes according to the concept Wine4Melomanes *:
Sensuality, vivacity and melody.

These parameters are the result of the biodynamic equation of the geology of the terroir, the climate and the selected grape variety, the winegrower’s know-how to reveal the alchemy of the aromas and flavors of the red fruits precisely combined.

This artistic personalization created in the uniqueness for this « cuvée », comes to sensitize the sensuality of its content during its tasting where conviviality will be
based on generosity.
During more than 40 minutes of musical listening, guests will be able to enjoy the beverage of the same vintage, here in a dynamic, cheerful and hedonistic contemporary moment, in the image of this wine. Santé!!! Tchintchin!

Listen to the mix:

* Wine4Melomanes (trademark and concept deposited): directed by DJ producer and sommelier Frédéric Beneix