Masterclass « Penfolds » Grand Tasting Bettane+Desseauve

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Masterclass « Penfolds » Grand Tasting Bettane+Desseauve

Paris Carrousel du Louvre Décembre 2019

with David Cobbold and Guillaume Puzo


A fantastic salon of discoveries where I could taste pinots noir from Oregon that have nothing to envy to the Burgundians, Italian Tuscan wines tapered, Lebanese wines, Champagnes from independent quality producers etc.

I chose 2 prestigious wines tasted on the 4 bottles offered (the St Henri and Grange vintages on 2 vintages 2005 – 2015) for Wine4Melomanes, these are:


Penfolds Winery « Grange » BIN95

Barossa Valley – Vintage 2015 & 2005 (Australie)

98% shiraz and 2% cabernet sauvignon


The 2015 vintage with the scents of fern, plum, cedar wood, notes of exotic smoked spices, is tasted like a mineral spindlee elixir with high-seam finesse and complex around the black forest berry.

The perfect acidity under taken propels this wine on a long guard.

The 2005 vintage, always deep garnet, claims an incredible youth.

Its intense floral bouquet points to eucalyptus and liquorice, leather, tobacco and cedar wood in 2nd place.

The tasting affirms a « satellizing » feeling of graphite much more present than on 2015.

A sensual wine with a creamy mouth and full of black fruits, finely peppery and truffled with a long length in the mouth.

Wine4Melomanes offers these compositions in accordance with the vintages:


Tobias Jesso Jr. – Without You – 2015

Nicolas Godin – Club Nine – 2015

I chose 2 compositions to illustrate the complexity and sensuality of this vintage.

One emphasizes aromatic poetry with the superb pop voice reminiscent of that of a great Lennon, the other for the well-designed architecture of this giant Cru in the image of the musical writing of another giant: Johann Sebastian Bach


Brad Mehldau – Day Is Done – 2005

The jazz trio led by the virtuoso pianist delivers a progressive fantasy opus.

The complex melody of the composition is modelled with the bewitching harmony of the aromas and flavours of the wine.

A complete fullness of the senses is combined between the sublime musical arrangements and the tasting of the elixir of the Gods.