Château Daurion « Le long du parc » 2013 – AOC Languedoc

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Château Daurion « Le long du parc » 2013 – AOC Languedoc

Grapes: Roussanne 40% – grenache 60%

Terroir: volcanic, south-east-facing basalt

The sommelier:

The colour is bright, with a clear silvery yellow.

The nose is complex, topofting with troenflower, narcissus, iris, lime, resinous, hazelnut and vanilla notes.

The mouth is round combined with an exquisite fresh tension, white peach flavours, orange peel and a few notes of hydrocarbon, then a final saline of appetite.


DJ sommelier Wine4Melomanes mixed:

Tigran Hamasyan « Road Song » 2013

The colour and vivacity of the wine guides me towards a pure composition in correspondence.

The bouquet described directs me to a sensual musical poetry, where lyrical orchestration is at its point.

The tasting is stunning, adjusted and vibrant in the image of the delicate jazz candour of the piece, with the accents of flaunting strings and a magical piano, crowned with a precise orchestrated ensemble.

Tasted in January 2020