Opening exhibition photographs Nicolas Seurot - Atypical Spaces

musical wines

Clément Kauffman and his team of Espaces Atypiques organized their annual customer and friendly meeting on December 5, 2019 in the company of Café Mancuso and Boudoir Sonore.
A Hifi haute couture installation made in Japan (vintage 80’s) with Gui on the occasion of the opening of photographer Nicolas Seurot illustrated this cocktail with a fine vinyl selection of DJs: Kubikolor – Fred Beneix Wine4Melomanes.

To illustrate this intense moment when some 200 people came to rejoice over a glass of wine, some special oysters of the Médoc and other cheeses, fine deli meats, I chose to tune in music VINYLES! Two vintages tasted that night. (mood photographs: Julien Fernandez)
This is Château Brandeau « Banzaï » of Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux in organic merlot red 2018 from a terroir of almost 10 hectares and vinified by their owners Julien and Alice Voogt.
This new racy cuvée is perfectly enjoyed on this occasion where the fluidity of the fresh black fruit in the mouth excites the taste buds: it is characterized by its liveliness « kung fu » with a rocky sensation.
The Joy Division composition « Love will tear us apart » covered by Hot 8 Brass Band in 2018 underlines the freshness and tone found in wine.

Then the 2018 white of Clos Larrouya « Meteor » in Dry Jurançon vinified by the Salharang couple, composed of small and large manseng, grown organically on 3 hectares of soil in pebble slicks in the Valley of Ossau in Eastern Exposure, adds to the taste contrast.
The tasting combines acidity and salinity with balance in the image of a shortbread pie with a creamy lemon curd.
For this tension, this minerality, this intense freshness in the mouth, I chose the piece of modern music in accordance with the concept Wine4Melomanes: Nu Guinea « Je Vulesse » 2018
The fiery melody sensually echoes the olfactory and taste characteristics of this pre-Pyrenean beverage.