Domaine Albert Boxler Riesling Sommerberg E - Alsace

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Domaine Albert Boxler – Riesling Grand Cru Sommerberg cuvée E – 2015 – Alsace

The chosen musical chord of the same vintage highlights the beauty of the wine, corresponding to the three common invariable parameters defined in the two universes following the Wine4Melomanes concept: sensuality, vivacity and melody. These parameters result from the organic dynamic equation of the geology of the terroir, the climate and the vines growing there, the know-how of the winegrower to reveal the alchemy of aromas and flavors precisely combined.

This exceptional riesling from a parcel of land on the northern part of the estate delivers an unusual nectar. The typical bottle of the rangy design and the striking engraving, naming the winemaker artist, evokes a singular dynamism for the lineage of these Grands Crus.

After a prolonged carafe due to the vintage, the chalice of youth sublimates a fantastic complexity of fragrances, combining extreme elements such as the perfect hydrocarbon minerality of granitic terroir. The latter is allied to the pinnacle with the fresh floral and fruity perennial (citrus fruit and yellow fruits with well ripe nuclei), where the richness of the finely sensual bachic delight slips its purity towards appetite.

The gracious and ardent tasting is reflected harmoniously in the enjoyment of the seductive and complete flavours. The textured beauty of this wine, whose « sweet-salty » balance atomizes our taste buds, confers for this vintage one of the largest Riesling symphonies of its appellation.

My chosen musical proposal in pairing:

Harold Mabern « Afro blue » 2015

The re-interpretation of the iconic Afro blue title by the illustrious pianist accompanied by his jazz musicians, develops an incredible melodic vivacity, propelling us with echo in that of the Riesling, whose mixed sensuality apostrophe his magic taste.

Tasted in December 2017