Dominio del Bendito « El paso del tiempo de Chispa Negra » 2009-2006-2008-2011

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Dominio del Bendito
« El paso del tiempo de Chispa Negra »
2009-2006-2008-2011 blended by Antony Terryn
D.O Toro – Espagne (rouge)

Grape : tinta de Toro (tempranillo)
Terroir : pebbles and sand at 700m altitude (Castilla y Leon region)

Le sommelier:

Antony Terryn, winemaker co-owner of this hedonistic estate nestled in the heart of the Toro in Spain, has just realized a daring bachic adventure by selecting 4 vintages. The result is a graceful, concentrated and complex natural sweet wine like an elixir of the gods.
It is packaged in a 50 cl bottle with a celestial label that inspires a constant whirlwind of timeless happiness.
The tasting of this nectar reveals a fresh nose with balsamic notes, graphit, then a rich fruity series of candied strawberries, roasted figs, raspberries cooked as a second olfactory approach.
With oxygenation, biscuit notes (the indestructible Pim’s raspberry for example) with a menthol tip, scents of candied dates, cinnamon, crushed almond and a coffee zest support this « spiraloid » fragrance delight.
The mouth immediately signs a radiant controlled acidity around the cooked cherry fruit and luxurious fruit paste making the beverage digestible and sensual.

Le DJ sommelier Wine4Melomanes mixed:

This modern wine, with its contemporary oenological signature, with a harmonious exploration of 4 neat vintages mixed with poetry, inspires me to choose from 4 pieces of music with the original melodious design to emphasize the complexity and sensuality of this nectar.
The refreshing candour of wine can be readily matched with this energizing composition of the Spanish orchestra El Gordo Rojo playing the jovial Zemog el gallo bueno in 2009:



The captivating Latin sensuality of the beverage can also be combined with this captivating progressive Afro-Cuban song by sulphurous singer Marcina Arnold for Forefathers in 2006:



The complex richness of the sweet nectar can finally marry the fabulous cinematic strings of this nebulous musical magic signed by Quiet Village for Victoria’s Secret in 2008, then with the majestic poet Andy Bey to crown the mixed ensemble in his revisited composition Celestial blues re-edit by O Heavenly in 2011:




Or to highlight the modern style of the innovative cuvée, this incredible opus by electro artist Ifan Dafydd for No good where the transcendental sonic universe sublimates the bachic dream of the 2011 vintage:



Tasted in May 2020